Tuesday, May 08, 2007

There is one thing...

that I miss... beverages. Oh, how I would love a frosty beverage. I'm so sick of water. I guess I could have made iced tea and sweetened it with Stevia, but I didn't think of that until just now. I would love to have something to drink. Maybe I'll make a cup of tea tonight before bed. Whatever.

That's not it. I was thinking of making chili instead of stir-fry (no, I haven't cooked yet; I was dancing, got about 1,000 steps). Then I thought of crackers. I can't have any bread for the next THREE weeks. I have to really think about this. Can I really go the next 21 days with no bread or pasta? Realistically? No. Not if I have to "carb-up" for my marathon training. Now, I don't know if I'll have to carb-up while we're doing the lower mileage or not, but I need to find that out. I guess the fact of the matter is, I didn't think I could go nine days without all this stuff. Actually, now that I really think about it, I can't believe I did this. It's 9:27pm the night of the 8th day and I just realized how much of an accomplishment this is for me. I haven't had any meat, BREAD, CHEESE, junk food, nuts, or CEREAL for the past week. That's actually amazing. And I've had money. I'm not broke. And I still stayed on plan. If you knew me, you'd know how much of an accomplishment this was.

Anyway, as I look at all the things I will be able to have, I think I will be able to do it. I'm going to at least give it my best try, just like I did with Phase I. Lemme go make this chili. It ain't like it's gon' take a long time cuz I don't have to really cook the ground "beef," it only has to warm. Soy is so great and convenient like that.

And why is soy such a huge topic of debate? I haven't read anything YET that has said it's detrimental. I've read that it may not have cholesterol-lowering effects, but that doesn't mean it's not healthy. It still have vitamins and nutrients. But I keep hearing some underground rumors about it not being so great for you. I dunno. If you know, hook a sista up.

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