Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Smash it!!!

Ok, I'm giving it another go. Fat Smash, that is. I need a jump start, and I need to cleanse my system after eating so much junk over the past month or two. Even though I've done OK on the NMD, I still need to cleanse and re-begin my weight-loss efforts. And FS is the perfect jump-start. I went to the bookstore today and bought the Fat Smash book and a Low-Fat Vegetarian Cookbook; I figured the cookbook would be good to have on hand even in the future. I mean, I'm sure there are some things that I'll eat while I'm on FS that I'll end up liking and eating more of in the future. Last time I started this, I was hardly prepared. Not this time. I just went to the grocery store and spent over $100 on mainly produce. This is a FIRST!!! I got some stuff I've never gotten before (yellow & orange bell peppers, bean sprouts, tofu, etc), but I'm so excited to try different recipes. I still need to find some curry paste. Anyway, I am going to figure out the best schedule for me to eat since I MUST eat every 3 hours. I also have to make sure I get all my points for the day since I'll be eating so many no & low-point foods. And the exercise won't even be a problem because me and my friend (and neighbor) are going to start walk/jogging 5/2 at 5:50am. Walking out of my apartment at 5:50am is gonna suck, but at least it's out of the way and I won't have to worry about it for the rest of the day.

I'm going to try and blog every day (prolly more than once a day) while I'm on FS. I know I'm going to get frustrated, but I also know I can do this. From now on, I'm attacking everything in the same manner I'll have to do with the marathon: MIND OVER MATTER. I feel like I got enough stuff at the store to give me plenty of variety. I can make fajita stir fry with faux steak/chicken strips, taco salad with Boca crumbles, chili with (or without) Boca crumbles, fruit salad, regular salad, Boco burgers (or grilled tofu) with whipped sweet potatoes, and corn. Oh! And I can make smoothies! Plus I can have grits and scrambled egg beaters for breakfast! And I even bought some veggie sausage! Omelets! With fresh fruit! Fruit as snacks! Celery sometimes! I CAN DO THIS!!!!!

*** :( :( :( :( :( I just read in the FS yahoo group that you can't have veggie meat that also has gluten in it (well it said, bread, I assume vital wheat gluten is considered bread since you can use it to make bread). That saddens me because it's a huge part of my menu. I know I said I'd follow FS to the letter, but I may have to bend here. I even checked the sodium content to make sure I could have them and keep it under 2000mg.

That did let a little air out of my balloon. I'm gonna get some rest. Stay tuned for how things are going tomorrow, Day 1 of Phase 1. I will check in with my weight (and I'm not supposed to weigh myself again until Day 10), measurements, and what I ate for breakfast.

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