Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Forgot a couple...

milestones/compliments. Milestone first. I fit comfortably in seats on public transportation! It used to be uncomfortable if I had to share the seat, but now it's not. I don't even look for the skinniest person to sit next to like I used to. And I forgot my friend told me that my face looks skinny (or skinnier, I forget what she said exactly). So Kudos to me! :)

Also, I was wrong about maintaining. I LOST A POUND LAST WEEK!! I don't know if I mentioned that I'd bought a scale, but I did. I weigh myself at least once a week (ok, ok, sometimes I do it daily, what can I say? I'm obsessed.) and document it in my food journal, just as if I were weighing in at WW. I'm at 188. I was at 189 last week. So maybe I'm getting it together. What I DO know is that I was at 186 and I'd like to get out of the 180's. Maybe I should start making small goals. I'm trying not to focus so much on losing weight, but making changes in my habits that I can actually stick to. So I guess with all the experimenting and whatnot I haven't been as focused on the weight coming off. But clearly if I'm on the scale every day I MUST be concerned. Dunno what to say about that. What I know is that I don't want to be all strict and everything with my food intake. I'm not dieting, so why should I? But I'm still out of habit and eating too many calories. I'm doing OK so far this week. I think the problem is the lack of exercise. But when am I going to fit it in? I wake up at 5am already and am out the the door by 6am. I don't get back home until almost 8pm, then I relax and get ready to do it all again the next day. I barely have time to eat dinner (or cook it since I haven't been cooking all my meals on sundays) let alone exercise. And I have videos at home from the library! I make sure I keep some on hand. But I am doing HORRIBLE at adding activity to my days. I must get better. Even the Curves circuit training is only 30mins three days a week. I should be able to manage that, right? Hmph, I guess I'm lazy. But I'll get it together. Really, when you think about it, what's the rush? If I maintain or lose a little here an there during the winter, and then start back up strong when the weather breaks, so what? Why am I so focused on the goal DATE? I want to be healthy, and I guess I want to do it as fast as possible so that I can maintain my good health. I dunno, I guess I'm rambling.

That's all for today. I'm tired and ready to be at home. While I'll be glad when I no longer have to catch the bus, I wonder how it will affect my activity. I'm sure I'll have less steps. *sigh* Cross that bridge when we get to it. I'm just glad that in the midst of all this turmoil I haven't eaten myself in the ground. THAT'S an accomplishment!!!


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Update (mini-milestone included)

Well, the holiday has come and gone. And while I didn't really do well, I didn't totally blow it, either. I only ate once on Thanksgiving, but I ate enough for 2 people. And it was GOOD!!! The day after, I went to Ponderosa (it's been TOO long since I've been there) and ate enough for about THREE people! Bad, right? I know. And I drank both nights, too. No exercise, even though I took home a video. Friday night I got sick. I thought it was from drinking, but I think I caught a virus from my great-nephews because me, my sister, and my neice were all sick. I was SO scared to get on the scale when I got back home. But I maintained! I neither gained nor lost!!! So that's why I say I didn't totally blow it. I walked for about 20mins yesterday since it was so nice out. I also took the stairs at work, TWICE! I work on the 5th floor. I always take them down, but yesterday I took them up as well both times. I'm kinda proud of that. I figure I gotta do whatever I can, y'know?

I was getting home late from work last week every day, so I didn't cook dinner ONCE! I ate ate work every day. Too much money and too many calories. I tried to keep it in check, but that's not so easy. I'm still writing down everything that goes in my mouth and I'm still entering it into For the past month or so I've just been maintaining. Which I guess isn't a bad thing, but I need to get back on track with WW. I decided to transition to Core instead of the Flex plan. MAN!! Some days are ok and others are like WHOA! It's gonna be an adjustment, but it needs to be done. I'm getting so much better with portion control, but seriously, since I had to drop down in points (from 26 to 24), I find it harder to stay within my points. So I figured I'd try Core. I still keep track of my points, but I also keep track of what's Core and where I would be with WAP if I were strictly doing Core. I have no idea what I'ma cook for dinner tonight (and lunch tomorrow). I need to go to the grocery store, but I don't feel like it; not til the weekend, prolly. So I have to make do with what I have. I guess chicken is the easiest thing to make, huh? We'll see. I might make some tuna fish and call it a day.

As far as my inches, I'm still losing. OH!! How could I forget?! I went thrifting!!! I have two things I'm VERY pleased about. 1) I bought a pair of GAP drawstring pants. Kinda big in the legs, but they fit in the waist: SIZE MEDIUM!!!! WHOA!! and 2) I also got a pair of Liz Clairborne pants (and I know designer clothes run a size smaller than they really are but SO WHAT) and they are a SIZE 12!!!!!!! SIZE 12!!!!! WOOWHOOOOOO!!!!!! Now I need to invest in some new bras cuz I need some and cuz all of mine are too big, in teh cup AND in the back.

I received plenty of compliments at home and i'm going to list them quickly:

1) My sister said, "Ooh, gettin' slim-n-trim!!"
2) Her grandmother (we have different fathers) didn't recognize me and said it was because LAST time she saw me, I was LARGE.
3) My cousin said, "Are you losing weight?"
4) Her son said, "Damn, you slimmin' down? You slimmin' down!!"
5) And my best friend said I finally look like I have a butt!!!! YAY!!!! You know it's sad when fat can actually HIDE body parts.

That's all for now, more soon, I hope. As always, stay encouraged!!!

I simply said, albeit VERY cheerfully, "Thanks for noticing!"

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mini Milestone

How excited am I?! I tuck in all my shirts!!!!! I can't believe I don't have to leave my shirts untucked anymore!!! Even though I had a bad week last week (my period is a TRIP), I can still tuck my shirt in and THAT'S motivation!!!!! I've also been slacking with making lunch, so I'm wasting money AND calories. No more of that after this week.

I look GOOD!!! I love catching my reflexion in the mirror or windows as I walk past. I can't WAIT to see how good I look once I reach goal! I mean, I have my moments, definitely. At one point today I went to the bathroom and thought, you've lost about 60lbs, and you are still fat. BUT, not for long!!! It's like I can't see the old me, all I see is the new me and the new me is overweight and needs to lose at least 30lbs (shooting for 40 more, but I don't wanna look crazy, so I'ma see how I look as I get smaller and smaller).

Well, that's it!!! Until the next weigh-in or milestone . . . STAY ENCOURAGED!!!