Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mini Milestone

How excited am I?! I tuck in all my shirts!!!!! I can't believe I don't have to leave my shirts untucked anymore!!! Even though I had a bad week last week (my period is a TRIP), I can still tuck my shirt in and THAT'S motivation!!!!! I've also been slacking with making lunch, so I'm wasting money AND calories. No more of that after this week.

I look GOOD!!! I love catching my reflexion in the mirror or windows as I walk past. I can't WAIT to see how good I look once I reach goal! I mean, I have my moments, definitely. At one point today I went to the bathroom and thought, you've lost about 60lbs, and you are still fat. BUT, not for long!!! It's like I can't see the old me, all I see is the new me and the new me is overweight and needs to lose at least 30lbs (shooting for 40 more, but I don't wanna look crazy, so I'ma see how I look as I get smaller and smaller).

Well, that's it!!! Until the next weigh-in or milestone . . . STAY ENCOURAGED!!!

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