Sunday, October 29, 2006

Still losing!!!

I had to go out and get a scale. I won't be able to go to TOPS meetings due to a work conflict, so I need to be able to weigh myself. I was afraid to get on the scale because of the binging and whatnot. But I needn't have worried: I'm at 186lbs!!! I can't believe it, but the weight just keeps coming off. Thanks to, I know that I'm consistently burning more calories than I eat each day. So I guess that's why I'm still losing. Know what I thought about today? How much better would I look if I was exercising consistently? I'm losing all this weight and I still look fat and flabby. I need to really get it together. So I also got a resistance tube so I could start circuit training. I noticed in the mirror that my stomach has the two vertical lines on each side, you know, where my abs are supposed to be. I decided that I want a six-pack! And the only way to get it is to commit to being more active and doing activity that builds muscle. After all of this, I really do wanna look as good as I feel. I only did one exercise video last week. This week, I'm challenging myself to do the videos THREE days and circuit training THREE days. CHALLENGE!!!

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