Sunday, October 22, 2006

What a week! Whew!

Ok, so I started a new job this week. When I say it took ALL my energy, it took it ALL. I'm up at 5am and not home until 6:30pm (at the earliest), and by then, I'm EXHAUSTED! It doesn't help that I'm an insomniac. My goal is to be in bed by 9pm. Anyway, I didn't cook a single thing all week! And I only walked ONCE. SAD!!! I ate HORRIBLY, too. Only drank one glass of fresh juice. I only packed my lunch once. One day I got a healthy lunch, but still, I have got to do better. Three days last week, I ate fried, fatty foods for lunch. Unacceptable. So I came up with a plan.

Food. Each Sunday, I'm going to make dinner and lunch for the WHOLE week. That way, I don't have to worry about cooking or anything during the week. I will have time to make a glass of juice in the morning, exercise for 30mins in the evening, and make a glass of fresh juice to drink before dinner. I have to get back on track. This week, I'm making pasta (using whole wheat pasta, ground turkey, and turkey italian sausage) and red beans and yellow rice. With two meals, I can switch up during the week and not get bored with my choices. I will also keep salad made so that I can have a side salad with my lunch and dinner each day. And I'll snack on fruit and veggies.

Exercise. Ok, so walking for an hour just might not happen. I know I said I'd keep walking in the cold, but it just may not happen. I'm too tired to commit to that just yet. BUT, I can still do the Curves style circuit training (30mins, 3x/wk) and aerobic videos (30mins, 3x/wk). I will MAKE 30 minutes to exercise each day. NO EXCUSES!!!!! I'm at the library now and the first thing I did was pick up 6 exercise videos!

Accountability. I bought the cutest little notebook to use as my food journal. It's pink and green and just cute. :) I got it on the 18th and I began to use it on the 18th, even though I wasn't eating well. I ate horribly all week, but I still wrote everything down. AND I signed up at I LOVE this site!!! I can enter my food intake and activity each day and see the breakdown of how many calories I've eaten, what percentage comes from fat, carb, and protein, how much saturated/polyunsat/monounsat fat, whether or not I'm getting my RDA of vitamins and minerals, and reports of calories eaten vs calories burned. It helps me to stay on track, not just with how many points I'm eating, but whether or not I'm eating the RIGHT stuff. I love it! And I'll tell you what, even when I binge, I'm still burning more calories than I eat. I totally forgot about my basal metabolic rate. Totally forgot that my body burns calories on its own. THAT'S why I'm still losing weight and inches. But I have to give my body the nutrients it needs and that's where fitday comes in to play. I've been keeping track of my points, and man, I've been eating too much. I've already gone thru all of my WAP and I still have 3 days to go! It's so true, when you don't write stuff down, you lose track of what you've eaten. And I'm gonna start my period this week, too?! So you can imagine what I've been eating. Friday night I ate a pint of ice cream. 1/2 of one kind and 1/2 of another. That was dinner. How sad is that? Then yesterday I ate 7 wingdings (21pts) and LOTS of bread. So now I have to enter that into fitday (the best way I can for the bread sticks). But the good news is, today is a NEW day. All that bad eating is BEHIND me! I can move forward starting today.

Now, even though I didn't eat well and I didn't exercise like I should have, there WERE things that I think I did well last week. On Monday, there was an ice cream social. Free ice cream, as much as you wanted (people were taking ice cream home, ok?) Monique didn't eat ANY! Then they had a BAKE SALE!!! Did I buy anything? Yup - an apple. It was HUGE and DELICIOUS!!! I didn't buy any snacks from the vending machine all week (save some Sun Chips for my lunch on Tuesday). Our trainer brought in coffee cake at the beginning of the week. I didn't have any. Then on Friday, she brough in brownies. I didn't have any of those, either. So even though I did bad all by myself, it could have been considerably worse!

I'll update on how I do this week! Since I'm planning ahead, I should be aight!!!

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