Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mini update

Herbs & Gardening. Ok, so this gardening thing is a little more than I thought it would be. I mean, I only wanted to grow herbs. But I can't start them in the fall/winter. I figure I'll read and research during these seasons, do some little projects at home (I got a couple gardening books for kids and they have some projects in them), and by the time spring gets here, I'll be ready to plant some stuff. Now, I did see some herb plants at the grocery store, mint and something else, so I think I'll get those and just put them in actual pots. That's a start. If I can keep them alive, I know I can grow some stuff. I'm still going to grow and juice wheatgrass. I don't have to wait until spring to do that. And from what I'm reading, it seems really easy to grow; only takes about 7 days. So I figure I'll finish reading The Wheatgrass Book (by Ann Wigmore), buy a wheatgrass juicer off of Ebay, and get started growing in a month or so. Man, that stuff sounds POWERFUL!!! I used to silently mock folks who went into juice bars getting shots of random stuff. Who KNEW I'd end up one of these natural fanatics. Well, I'm not a fanatic, I'm just trying to be the healthiest I can be. More on that later.

Juicing. I'm doing it! Two glasses of fresh juice each day! I LOVE carrot-apple juice! Today I added some pineapple and it was DELICIOUS!!! My evening juices will always be green vegetables with some carrot and apple to give it some sweetness and make it easier to digest. I've moved my juicer from the baker's rack to the counter. With it in my view all the time, it's hard to forget to use it. And I have little to no counter space, but I'm making it work. I've been thinking about moving so that I have a better (bigger, more cabinet & counter space) kitchen, but I REALLY destest moving. I also wanted to save money on rent, but I just don't have it in me to move right now. That's too exhausting of a task and I'm already mentally and emotionally drained. So for now I'm staying put, little kitchen and all.

Books. I love them!!! I am learning SO much just from reading. My latest faves? The fat-free cooking books by Sandra Woodruff. I'm going to try a couple of her recipes today. I'm pretty excited about it. Even bread, and I've never made homemade bread in my life; that's my middle sister's forte. Tonight it's gonna be oven-fried chicken and cornbread. Little to no fat!!! And I'm making my own ovenfry stuff, not store-bought. I may even make a chocolate cake. I plan to buy all of her books off of Amazon when I get a little extra cash. Also, these juicing books. A wealth of information, so I'm gonna get a couple of those off Amazon, too. And a must-have is the Wellness Foods A-Z; I absolutely HAVE to have this book!!! I can't keep checking it out from the library. It tells not just about food, but also vitamins and minerals. It's a resource I must have.

Exercise. I'm still walking. Not every day, but about 3 times a week for an hour each time. That's just a minimum, though. I mean, they say walk for 30mins 6 times a week. But I think that's for everybody and to lose weight I need to do a little more. So I'm gonna get back on it. I'm proud of myself, though. I have been going through hell mentally and emotionally the past few months and I have NOT let it interrupt this!!! Normally, I give up, but not this time. In the midst of absolute crisis and chaos, I've kept walking. I think I've accomplished a life change. Now if I don't walk, I actually MISS it! Still need to get it together with the strength and flexibility training. I really like the Curves workout (as outlined in the curves book to do at home). So on the days that I don't walk, that's what I'm going to do. I have to get a jump rope and a new 4ft resistance band. Then it's on! And it's only 30mins, so I have time for that. It's cold today, about 49 degrees, but I still walked! Can't gain weight cuz it's cold outside is what I keep telling myself. So I i have on two pairs of pants, a tshirt, and two sweatshirts. Works for me! And when it gets colder, I'll add thermals and a turtleneck and of course some type of jacket. NOTHING will keep me from my goal.

TOPS. Still haven't joined. I honestly haven't had the extra cash to do so. I started to just join and worry about money later, but I figured, I've been doing well by myself for the past few months, I can hold out a little longer. But I still want to join (NEED to join) because I like the accountablity and support of a weight-loss group and I like being able to weigh in each week to see where I'm at. I just have to figure out how their dues work. If I have to pay again in January, I'ma just wait 'til then. But if my dues are based on when I join, I'm joining as soon as I have $26 extra.

So that's where I'm at right now. Stay encouraged!!!

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