Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fat Smash, Day 1

Well, it's the morning of the 1st day. My weight (not surprising) is 182.5. My first meal will be at 9am, then another meal every 3hrs thereafter. I didn't cook last night (obviously), so I packed fruit to take with me to school. There have been days when I barely ate, so even if it's just fruit, I'll be eating it throughout the day. I should be cool as far as hunger is concerned. I have two apples, a banana, 10 strawberries, a cup of cantaloupe, and a cup of mixed fruit (fresh pineapples, mango, and papaya). That should last me the whole day. When I come home, I'll cook something. Maybe something already on my list or something I find in the vegetarian cookbook I bought. I'll probably cook two things and just put them in ziploc containers so that I'm cool for a couple days. Or I may freeze some for next week. We'll see.

I weighed myself this morning, just like the book said, and I put the scale away. I will not take it out, no matter how curious I am, until the morning of Day 10. And I've been weighing myself daily for the past who knows how long, so that's going to be a hard habit to break.

Whew, so focused and serious. I forgot this Monique existed.

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