Saturday, May 05, 2007

Day 5

Who KNEW I could make it this far? I am really surprising myself. And I know it's because I really want to succeed. I want to get on the scale soooooooo bad!!!!! But I'ma be strong, lol. Let me post yesterday's meals and nutrient info.


11:22am ~ small apple (1)
1:30pm ~ 1/4 cup br rice (1), 1/4 cup lentils (1)
3:15 ~ 1/2 cup rice (2), 1/2 cup lentils (2)
4:05 ~ small apple (1)
8:00pm ~ boca burger (1), 1 cup sweet potatoes (1), 1/2 ear corn (1)
11:00 ~ 1 cup watermelon (1)
1:00am ~ 5 cups air popped popcorn (1)

That is a total of 13 points and 1,363 calories. Nutrient info:

Fat-Soluble Vitamins
Nutrient Units Intake RDA % RDA
Vitamin A mcg_RE 4320.8 800 540.1
Vitamin D mcg 0 5 0
Vitamin E mg_ATE 4.02 8 50.22
Vitamin K mcg 0 65 0

Water-Soluble Vitamins
Nutrient Units Intake RDA % RDA
Vitamin C mg 82.24 60 137.07
Thiamin mg 1.21 1.1 110.12
Riboflavin mg 0.753 1.1 68.43
Vitamin B-6 mg 1.83 1.3 140.48
Vitamin B-12 mcg 0.0079 2.4 0.329
Niacin mg 9.08 14 64.87
Folate mcg 796.03 400 199.01
Trace Minerals
Nutrient Units Intake RDA % RDA
Iron mg 18.45 15 123.02
Zinc mg 8.23 12 68.61
Selenium mcg 32.83 55 59.69
Copper mg 1.87 --- ---

Major Minerals
Nutrient Units Intake RDA % RDA
Calcium mg 240.28 1000 24.03
Phosphorus mg 1111.3 700 158.75
Magnesium mg 331.08 320 103.46
Sodium mg 2033.7 --- ---
Potassium mg 3104 --- ---

Yesterday was the first day I went over my sodium intake for the day (2K max).

So I'm halfway through FS and doing just fine. Yesterday could have definitely been better. And I also haven't been exercising like I should have been. Because of that, my weight-loss for the week may not be as shocking as I want it to be. I just really want to get on the scale to see how I'm doing. I mean, it's not like it's cheating for real, it's just that I won't be as surprised on Day 10 when I get on the scale. Man, screw that; I have enough willpower with eating, I'ma get on the scale, just to see how I'm doing since I'm halfway through. Then I won't get back on until Day 10. I think that's a decent compromise. So let's go see.

Ok, I had put the scale in the living room closet. So I go get it out, take it in the bathroom and get on. It says 80.6. I'm like, WTF? Did my scale break? Is the 1 broken??? If so, I've only lost 2lbs????? Then I notice the 6 and I'm like, I never get anything but a 5 after the decimal point; WTF? So I look on the bottom, and somehow, it got switched from lb to kg. So I switched it back and got on... 177.5! I've lost 5lbs so far!!!! That's GREAT!!! I hope I lose as much in this last stretch. Even if I don't lose any more, that takes me out of the 180's!!!! So I'm already satisfied with FS. I haven't yet decided if I'm going to move onto Phase 2 or just go back to WW. I think I'm going to do Phase 2. What I've noticed is that I'm basically only eating Core foods. Technically, I shouldn't even be counting Flex Points, I should only count points for foods that aren't Core and take those points out of my WAP. Remember when I tried to do Core and couldn't? Too much bread and cereal. But maybe I can get a hold on it now since FS is re-training me how to eat.

I'm succeeding. I'm not stressing over what I'm going to eat or anything. I'm not longing for the end of Phase 1. I'm not complaining, either. Yesterday, my 9th graders celebrated Cinco de Mayo and we had all kinds of yummy goodies: burritos, tacos, rice and beans, chips and salsa, and and Mexican bread. I couldn't eat any of it. One of the girls brought in chocolate bars and offered me one and I politely told her no gracias. I kinda did want a taco, a soft one, but I didn't REALLY want it, like REAL bad. I just thought, it probably tastes GREAT! And that was that.

You know what else? I'm not having any caffeine withdrawals. Why not??? Last time I was having headaches and nausea. This time, nothing. Isn't that odd?

I'm gonna read the next chapter of FS again and see what Phase 2 is all about.

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