Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Here's what I've learned

so far on Day 1.

I don't like papaya or mango. Maybe I'll blend it into a smoothie or make some fresh juice. But just eating it? Nah, I don't like it. I knew I didn't like mango, but I thought I'd try it again. I don't like the consistency of it in my mouth. And it doesn't have as much taste as the juice.

See how bottled stuff tarnishes your tastebuds?

It's 1:45pm and I still have both bananas left, the strawberries, one apple, and this island fruit medley that I don't like (except the pineapples).

I was proctoring an exam today, so during my down time (when I should have been grading papers) I was searching the internet for recipes. I think I'm going to try and make my own curry powder, so I have to go BACK to the grocery store for a few more items. I'll most likely need more olive oil and I need some vegetable stock (I'm not making any, I'm eating the produce I bought) and LOTS of seasonings!!! I also need some bay leaves. And popcorn. And if an airpopper is cheap, I'll get one of those, too.

So many ideas. I want to curry the tofu. I also want to curry some lentils. I wonder if they make brown basmati rice and if so if it's as good as whole grain brown rice. I'm just glad you can even have brown rice period.

By this time on Day 1 the last time I did this, I was ready to give up!!! I didn't even make it to dinner! But not today!!! I'm not really that hungry, although I'll be glad to get some real food when I get home. I'ma make some fajitas real quick with some rice. Then I'll go to the store.

I forgot about water!!! I've been doing pretty well on my water intake. I'm still trying to do half my weight in ounces, so that's 91.25 ounces each day. I'll include my herbal tea in that, too, since it has no caffeine and no sugar.

All that to say, so far so good.


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