Thursday, May 03, 2007


I'm noticing other things about my body.

First let me say, I carry myself differently when I'm eating and exercising. I sit with better posture, or at least I try to. Or maybe I just feel different. I dunno. It just seems like I notice more stuff. Whatever, maybe I'm trippin'.


My legs, well, my thighs. They really are smaller; they don't touch all the way to the knee. And if you're easily grossed out, I apologize in advance, because the next part might be TMI. Ok, my pubic triangle. Mine didn't used to exist unless you lifted fat to find it. Guess what I noticed today? The front of my jeans fit kinda funny, like right in the front. Normally, it's just all full of fat. Well, today it looked funny because part of it wasn't filled with fat and was more of an air pocket: the area of my pubic triangle. The fat doesn't cover it anymore. Right now, in this moment, I'm wondering if I should be ashamed that fat used to cover my pubic triangle. Sidebar: Why didn't this body part get a cutesie name? Your mammary glands are your breasts, tits, hooters, etc. Your gluteus maximus is your booty, butt, ass, etc. And so on and so forth. Arm doesn't describe what it is, it's just your arm. But not the pubic triangle, it really is just the triangle of pubic hair. I googled this, and what I googled was "triangle pubic hair." And most sites call it a pubic triangle. I mean, it's the mons pubis, but who knows that? Is there any other body part that doesn't have a name, only a description? Yeah, I guess your back. From now on, I'ma call my pubic triangle my peety. You gotta love blogs, cuz only in a blog can I go off on a tangent like this. But I actually do this in real life, too. End of sidebar. I'm getting hungry. What was I saying? Oh! My peety is no longer covered in fat. How wonderful is that? My stomach is still fat, but it's shrinking!!! I think all of it really is gonna go away!!! Can you believe that?? I mean, I can touch my peety without lifting my stomach is what I'm tryna say. This might be a minor miracle. I wonder how long I've been able to do this and just haven't noticed?

And as far as getting hungry, I gotta go eat something. This eating every few hours thing ain't no joke. My body knows when 3 hours has passed. Weird.

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