Thursday, June 01, 2006



I was a little concerned about my weigh-in yesterday. I ate (kinda) a lot on the holiday, but then I got sick (stomach virus that I'm blaming on my cousin). So I figured I'd probably neither gain nor lose. WRONG! I lost 3.4lbs!!!!! I am DETERMINED not to gain back ANY of it! My leader thinks the scale will tell the truth next week. We'll see, shall we? At any rate, I'm at a total loss of 12lbs since starting WW and 41lbs overall!!! You know what's AWESOME?! I KNOW I'm not going back!!!! I'm just gonna get smaller and smaller and then more and more toned. My second number is STILL a Zero (yeah, I'ma keep capitalizing it, what?!): 206.2!!!!! I am a mere 6.3lbs from ONEderland and 10lbs from my 10% goal! I'm so excited!!!

I was trying to figure out how to reward myself for my milestone. I was happy as all get out to be able to add a gold star to my 5lb bookmark! :) The first reward I thought of was a Chipotle burrito (cut in thirds). But I had to change my mind. NO MORE FOOD AS A REWARD!!! If I'm making lifestlye changes, that needs to be the first one. Come on now, in my life, food has ALWAYS equaled celebration. Not anymore. Y'all, I made a list of rewards, and I can't find it. But they were all big things (that's gonna be my next blog topic, rewards). I needed something little. So I took a cue from Nicole ( and decided to get things for my kitchen. I went to Target to price stuff. They have a blender on sale for $18 that I'm gonna get. The truth is, I don't really blend anything, but that doesn't mean I won't ever. Maybe I don't blend anything because I don't have a blender. I also priced juicers. That's what I REALLY want. That way, I can juice my fruits and veggies to make sure I get enough. The thing is, Target doesn't have layaway, and I can't afford my reward right now. I refuse to go to Walmart (The Devil), so I'ma hafta figure something out. I'ma look online for the Magic Bullet, too. That was a decent little infomercial (I'm addicted to infomercials). And it juices, too. I could make all kinds of healthy stuff with that. We'll see. I need a LAYAWAY!!! I KNOW!!! I can go across the river; I think there's a K-Mart over there and I KNOW they have layaway! That's my plan.

Have a great week! Exercise!!! I have my Belly Dancing class tonight and I'm going to start Salsa lessons on Monday.

Speaking of Monday, I might also look into TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly). It's similar to WW, but it's a nonprofit, so it's only $24 per YEAR. I would probably still use what I learn from WW, but weigh in with TOPS instead. I dunno. It would definitely save me money, but I *like* WW. I also like saving money. I'll keep y'all posted.

Went to the library and got some more weight loss-related books. I'll tell y'all about those, too. :)

Until next time...


(I hate that; I want to put 247 as my starting weight, but that was over a year ago, so I guess it's not fair. But I want y'all to know I was 247 at my largest!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!)


Candice said...

Hey Soror! I am doing WW too and I just started today (for the millionth time). I just wanted to say that you are doing wonderfully and maybe we can be weight loss buddies.

Nicole said...

Hi, Monique! Thanks for stopping by my site. :)

As for the layway thing, just figure out how much your next reward is, and start "paying" on it right now. If you don't trust yourself, give the money to a trusted friend with strict instructions not to give it back until you hit the next goal. :)