Thursday, June 15, 2006

I can SEE the changes!

Ok, I need to document the changes that I'm noticing.

  1. I can see my waist. I mean, there is a clear indentation around my midsection. I HAVE A WAIST!!!!
  2. I have no problem touching my toes.
  3. When I sit in my office chair, with my knees together, I can see some of the chair!!!
  4. I can cross my legs at the knees with no effort. I don't have to lift or pull or push, just cross. :)
  5. Mobility during intimate acts is much better! I can be lifted and moved!!!
I'm so excited!!! It really is the little things. I can't stop smiling. And this actually makes me WANT to exercise. Who knew I'd ever get to this point? I definitely didn't, but I'm SO glad I'm here!

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