Wednesday, June 14, 2006

YAY!!! YAY!!! YAY!!!

So tonight was WI night and I lost 7.2lbs!!!!!!! Ok, when my leader asked what I did, I wasn't completely truthful. Yes, I walked this week. Yes, I stayed within my points. No, I did NOT wear jeans this week. But the truth is there were some days I didn't eat all of my points. Not on purpose (I only skip meals when I'm broke), but because I was doing a lot of running around and didn't take food with me. Instead of eating something that I don't know the point value, I'd rather just not eat until the next day. Also, I was on my period last week, so I'm sure I was retaining a lot of water.

WHATEVER the reason, I'm happy as HAYLE with the loss!!!!!!! My weight is now 201lbs!!!! I'm only 1.1lb away from ONEderland!! I'm SO excited!!! I can't WAIT until my weight doesn't start with the number 2! Can.not.wait!!! I'm at a total loss of 17.2lbs!!! I was so happy to get my third 5pt gold star! WW is just damn awesome!!! It works!

I found a new park to walk at! It's close to home and it has some hills so it gives me a good workout. I'm almost done with another book; I only have two cd's left, so that means two days. Then I'll start The Cell by Stephen King.

I'm just so happy I don't know what to do!!! I can't celebrate like I want to because this check all goes to bills. But still, I'm so proud of me!!!!!!! I'm proud of me for sticking to this!!! I'm proud that I haven't given up! I'm getting used to my new body! I'm getting more comfortable with the compliments that I get! This week, I wore my new capris and was comfortable in them!!! I didn't feel self-conscious at all!!! I am comfortably, completely and totally, in a size 14. Now, my 14Longs from the GAP still don't fit the way I want them to. Maybe in four more weeks, we'll see. But everything else from the thrift store fits fine! I guess stuff didn't fit the week I bought it because that was the week before my period. I've learned that I must carry the most water and be the most bloated that week. I also noticed that that is the week that I binge the most. So this coming month, I'm going to make sure that I have meals planned for the week before my period and the week of. I'm also going to force myself to walk even on those days. My period usually puts me DOWN, but I'm determined not to let the cramps and discomfort keep me from my daily activity.

I guess that's all I need to say. The truth is I could go on for days about my excitement. Maybe I'll blog more tomorrow!

Was 247, Now 201 and I won't stop, I can't stop!!!!!!!

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KimL122 said...

Hey Monique,

I went onto the TOPS website, and I hope to see you, no I know I will see you up there with your picture that you have become a KOPS. Good luck with your new journey in TOPS, and know that you have support with me as well.