Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Weigh-In Night

And I am not looking forward to it. I've gone over my points EVERY day this week. Each and every single one. I have only walked three times (twice in one day). I didn't get up this morning to walk. Too tired. Crampy, just all around irritable. Which is MORE the reason I shoulda got my ass up and went walkin'. Now it's raining. I am SO sick of rain. So I guess after my meeting tonight, I'll go to the rec and walk on the indoor track. Which I hate. Time flies faster when I walk outside. Goin' around that track just draaaaaaags out the time. BUT, I might be able to work on my speed there since there are no hills. I wanted to do this entry to make myself feel good in case I gained this week. So let's see...

I have not given up. I still walk. I still keep my food journals. I actually cooked more than once this week. I bought a juicer and have made two delicious juices this week. I am researching racewalking and leaning toward taking it up. I'm still GOING to the meeting. Broke, but still going to the meeting. I'm on my period, so I'm bloated and probably retaining plenty of water because it's not like I've drank any.

Ok, no more excuses. Look tomorrow for a report of how much I've gained. I just hope my second number is still a Zero.

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