Thursday, May 25, 2006

5th WI

Well, I didn't lost 2.2lbs. I didn't even lose ONE pound. I lost .8lb. I was a little disappointed. I tied my shoes, feeling bad that I was taking too long when there were people waiting to be weighed in. I straightened up, she gave me back my little booklet, and I looked at my weight.

I couldn't suppress the giggle that escaped my mouth. My normally inner thoughts came out, too. "My second number is a ZERO!" I laughed outloud!!! That's right, I am 209.6!!!!!!! Two-OH-nine. I haven't been two-OH-anything in forever. And in just a little while, my weight will start with the number ONE. I CAN'T WAIT!!!! This is the best motivation EVER!!!!

In the meeting when it was time to celebrate, I didn't raise my hand. The lady next to me, a lifetime member, nudged me and said, "You better raise your hand and celebrate!!" She told me that those little losses add up and to not be discouraged! I LOVE WW MEETINGS!!! She told me exactly what I needed to hear!

Sometimes, I get a little annoyed at the "smaller" people in the meetings. But what I need to remind myself about is that those people could've started out just like me, and are just "smaller" now. Like the lady next to me. I thought she was only coming to support her father (who lost 10lbs his first week!), but turns out she is a lifetime member! And I got to sit next to her and gather a little bit of wisdom and support. That's what WW is all about.

Yesterday was a really good meeting. Our leader encouraged us to PLAN for the holiday weekend. I'm going home to Cleveland and my sister is cooking. I have already told her what I won't be eating. She was so supportive!!! I told her that I'll be eating chicken breasts (no skin), off the grill. And veggies. She said she's gonna have fish, too, so I'll eat that! Some chicken, some corn, some fish, some broccoli, and A LITTLE BIT of macaroni and cheese. THAT'S what I'm planning for. That and the alcohol. *sigh* The good thing? My sister lives within walking distance of Woodhill Park so I can still get my activity in. My sister said she's gained a little weight in her stomach, so I told her we could do some ab exercises together. I can't wait to see my family! I miss them! But even STILL, I am trying to have a LOSING week. So I have to save ALL my WAP and I have to exercise DAILY. I'm also gonna take some fresh lettuce home with me so that I can make some salad, too. Oh, and fruit. I'll have to make sure my sister has some watermelon. yeah. :)

I can do this!!

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