Monday, May 22, 2006

4th Weigh-In

Well, my 4th week wasn't so great, eating-wise. I binged on some fried chicken, so that used up all of my weekly allowance points. Then there were two days I didn't eat all of my points; I had 15pts left one day. Which I guess worked out fine because I went to a chinese buffet (that I tried to plan for, but how do you plan when you're already out of WAP) and ate 15pts over my Daily Points Target. I said all that to say, I had no idea what the scale would say at my WI.

Well, I LOST 4.6LBS!!!!! That's a total loss of 7.8lbs!!! Since it had been 4 weeks, I checked my measurements and I've also lost 3.5 inches!!! One month, changed some eating habits, added a little activity to my day, and look!!! This was with minimal effort! Just think of what my progress will be like once all of this becomes habit, second nature. I am expecting a huge transformation!!! I just have to stay motivated.

Now, in all fairness, let's talk about this 4.6lb loss in one week. This is NOT typical. In the three times I've been on WW, the most I've lost in a week is 3.2lbs. So lemme tell y'all what I think happened. The week before, I only lost 1.4lbs. But I'd eaten better AND exercised more. I was SO disappointed in the loss, but didn't get down about it cuz any loss is a loss. But I definitely wondered what went wrong. Then it dawned on me: Aunt Flo. Aunt Flo was in town and you know she brings a lot of baggage with her, usually in the form of water retention and bloating. I think that if she weren't in town, I would've lost even more that week before, and since I didn't, it came off with last week's weight. So don't think it's something I did; it was simply nature.

I am hoping for a 2.2lb loss this week so that I will have lost 10lbs total! :-D Wish me luck!!!

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