Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cheers to you (pt. 2)

Monique, let's continue to focus on what you do well, mkay? Mkay.

Since you've been in Cincinnati, you've

  • walked so much more. You park at least two blocks away from work each day. You walk to the library downtown no less than twice a week. And you walk to the bank from work whenever you need to go.
  • eaten less. When you first moved here, you were broke, so you couldn't splurge on foods you didn't need. This was the catalyst for your weight loss.
  • pack your lunch every day. This not only saves money, but it saves you calories in fast food, chinese food, pizza, etc.
  • taken up belly dancing!! You wanted a fun way to get moving and you found one! Little did you know it would be like this! But you are toning your core muscles and having fun doing it! You practice at home which continues to give those muscles a work out. And you've committed to continuing the class indefinitely.
Now, just in the past few weeks you've
  • started walking even more, over an hour a day. This is GREAT!!!! And you looked for a motivator in listening to books on tape. AND you've found walking partners so you're sure to keep doing it.
  • started working on your abs. And I know how much you hate that, but I also know how you want those abdominals to look. What's cool is that ever since starting the belly dancing class, you've looked at your stomach differently. It's not as gross to
  • started doing resistance exercises. Even without weights, you are trying to think outside the box and still exercise.
  • JOINED WEIGHT WATCHERS!!! This is a huge step. Again, a commitment.
  • purchased (and worn consistently) a pedometer.
  • done even more research on weight loss. Honestly, how many people read as much as you do about weight loss? You've read all the Body-for-Life books, books on walking, the glycemic index, general weight loss, The Zone, Volumetrics, body types, black people's health, women's health, etc. etc. You have done (and are still doing) some good research and finding what works for you. And that doesn't even include the research you've done online.
  • gone to the doctor. Now THIS is a huge milestone for you. You never go to the doctor as a preventative measure. You normally only go when something is wrong. Not this time. You went to get everything checked out: blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, your thyroid, your iron, all that. And to make sure you can work out.
I love you, Monique. I know you can do this!!!!!!!

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Nicole said...

This is a great entry. You should print it out and tape it to your mirror so you can see it every day! In fact, I think I'm going to do a similar entry.