Thursday, December 06, 2007

Need motivation

Because so far on my "challenge," I've done nothing. I haven't eaten right. I have only exercised two or three times since starting. I just haven't been motivated. My weight was 180.5 this morning, and pants that used to be falling off are almost fitting. So I have GOT to get it in gear.

Well, a soror and I decided to exchange exercise videos. We were only supposed to trade one DVD, stability ball workouts. Well, m soror also sent me Hip Hop Abs!!!!! I'm SUPER excited about it! I have a friend who lost a ton of inches by using the videos. So I'm going to start doing them. I did the first one yesterday, but it doesn't count as exercise cuz I barely broke a sweat. AND it's only 13 minutes. Oh, and I tried one of the dance routines. It seems fun enough to motivate me to get my lazy ass out the bed in the morning.

I'm basically just checking in to say I'm trying to get focused. I haven't lost any weight, and I've gained a little, but I will NOT get back to where I was. Hell, I'm not even tryna stay in the 180's. So I have to get my eating under control.

Will post in about a week to talk about how I like HHA.

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