Monday, December 10, 2007

Let's refocus

Because I've seemingly lost focus. My last post talked about how I lacked motivation. Well, I need to motivate myself in some way. So let's revisit what we're doing and why.

What do I want to change?
  1. Abdominal area: lose all the fat and build muscle. No more big belly!!!
  2. Back area: back fat must go!
  3. Upper arms: get rid of the flab by toning triceps. No more flabby arms!
  4. Upper thighs: get rid of gross fat at top of thighs
  5. LOSE WEIGHT: currently 181.5lbs, goal 150lbs. Must lose 31lbs!!!
What can I do to achieve these goals?
  1. Abdominal workouts to tone abs and core: Hip Hop Abs, belly dancing, Pilates, 10-Minute Solution (ball)
  2. Upper body workouts: Pilates, ball
  3. Upper body workouts: push-ups, Pilates, ball
  4. Lower body workouts: HHA, Pilates, ball, squats, lunges
  5. Do cardio (>= 20 mins) to burn fat. Build muscle to help burn fat.
  6. OVERALL: BE CONSISTENT!!! You can't be successful if you are not consistent.
What will help you achieve your goals?
  1. Schedules for both exercise and meals
  2. Moral support - people to talk to regarding weight-loss
  3. Physical support - someone to help me be accountable for exercise, like a partner or a trainer
WHY do you want to change?
  1. Be healthy - I want to prevent disease and add years to my life.
  2. I want to LOOK BETTER NAKED!!!
  3. I want to have more energy.
  4. I want to prepare my body for getting pregnant.
  5. I want to improve movement and flexibility, especially in sexual activity.
  6. I want to improve my self-esteem and body image.
  7. I want to feel a sense of accomplishment.
  8. I want to create discipline within my life.
What obstacles will I face on my journey?
  1. Fat cells never disappear. I *just* learned this. The only way to get rid of them is liposuction. That means that those cells will always be there, waiting to get bigger. They want to get bigger. So I have to fight the primal urge to feed these fat cells forever, meaning I will always be on this journey. This helps me to understand why it's a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix.
  2. Lack of planning. Sometimes life happens and I don't have time to plan or I just fail to plan.
  3. The munchies
  4. Social engagements (office parties, dinner dates, parties, etc)
  6. Basic desire to be lazy, do nothing, and veg out.
What strategies can I use to overcome these obstacles?
  1. Don't feed the fat cells! Be disciplined in your eating. Think before you eat. Remember the WHYs. Be consistent in exercise to burn all those extra calories.
  2. MAKE time once a week (Sundays) to plan for two weeks in advance. Schedule workouts, make & separate meals, review calendar for upcoming events that could sabotage your success (be proactive vs. reactive).
  3. Either stop the behavior or modify it. Munch on fruits and vegetables.
  4. Find out what food & drink will be available in advance so you can decide ahead of time what to eat. Eat a healthy snack before the event so you don't "over-nibble." Always make healthy choices and pay attention to portion size. Make going out to dinner a reward.
  5. Use exercise to combat stress and depression.
  6. Make exercise things that you enjoy doing so it doesn't seem like as much of a task. Dance more!!!

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