Monday, August 28, 2006


OK, so I've been slacking on my walks. I only walked twice last week. There were a few days I still had over 10K steps, but not because of exercise, just walked a lot. I did go walking yesterday, but only for 45 minutes instead of my usual 60+. Anyway, I needed something to get me in gear so I went to try on clothes at the regular people's stores. Yesterday, I went to NY&CO. I can fit THEIR 14's!!!!!!! Well, not the jeans. But the dress pants. And I tried on tops and a skirt that were size LARGE and they fit FINE!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I expected them to be too small to motivate me to get that X from in front of my size. And here it is they fit just fine. I WEAR A LARGE!!!!! I WEAR A LARGE!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Excited is SUCH an understatement!!!!!


I'll make SURE I keep walking and whatnot because I am NOT going back into Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, OR the Avenue!!!! NO MORE PLUS SIZE STORES FOR THIS REAL WOMAN!!!! WooWhoooooooo!!!!!!!

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