Sunday, April 08, 2007

Measurements (YEAH BOYEEEEEE!!!!!)

Ok, here they are:

Bust - 37.5 (was 44.5 in 2002)
Upper Arm - 11.5 (was 14.25 in 2002)
Waist - 32.25 (was 39 in 2002)
Hips - 40.5 (was 48.5 in 2002)
Upper Thigh - 26 (was 30.5 in 2002)
Calf - 14.5 (was 16.5 in 2002)
Wrist - 6.5 (didn't measure this in 2002, but a bracelet bought in 2003 is now too big)
Ankle - 8.75 (didn't measure in 2002)
Back - 33 (was 34.5 on 11-11-06; didn't measure in '02, but wore 42D bra, not sure of new size, but my bras were all too big)

So it looks like I've lost almost 7 inches off my waist! And my thighs ARE shrinking even though they don't look like it! And my BACK!!! I complain all the time about the back-fat, but it's shrinking, too!!! Monique, you are doin' something right, you just have to IMPROVE on what you're already doing and KEEP doing it!!! I have lost a grand TOTAL of 32.75 inches!!!

Motivation like a mug!!! I just stopped typing and started back; I've been dancing around my living room for like 30mins. I've gotten over 4,000 steps from it, too!!!! I can't wait until I have the body of MY dreams!!!! Not what media tells me I should want, but how I picture my body. I'm motivated and I'm ready to drop these last 25lbs.

OK, back to my dance work-out. :)

OH! I need to shout out my sorors Tra and Cheleski for the encouraging comments!! We help each other...

Stay encouraged!!!!

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