Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm ready

I'm sincere and focused and back on the bandwagon. I gave away some food and I threw some food away (candy, cookies, and ice cream). I had company this past weekend that was here to help me move, and they don't eat healthy so I had all KINDS of stuff left in my apartment. I had to get rid of all that mess.

I have taken out my food journal. The last time I wrote down what I ate was 2/27/07. It's only been 8 weeks, but it feels like forever. I was at 181lbs then and I'm at 184.5 today. My weight fluctuates (especially after a weekend like this past one) but always settles at around 182. My body really likes that weight. That's too bad, because we are about to get right down in the 170's and just keep it movin'. So just now I wrote down what I've eaten, starting on Sunday, 4/22/07, even though my food choices were horrible. But I'm being accountable to myself. Since I'm writing down what I eat, I know I will think more about what I eat before I eat it. I'm ready.

Today I will start to transition into Fat Smash. I know I need to do something because my stomach doesn't feel like it should and I just feel BLECH. I don't like feeling like this, so I need to do something. How I've maintained my weight is a mystery to me, seriously. Anyway, I'm making some chili tonight for dinner and I'm not going to include any meat, BUT I need to eat it with some crackers. I haven't bought bread since before the Passover, so that won't even be an issue. And I'm not spending money on eating away from home, I should be cool. I'm going to use my transition time to come up with more meals to last me the whole 9 days. And I'm going to try to stick to it to the VERY best of my ability. If I don't, I'll only let myself down. And the way I see it, if I can commit to running (or run/walking, whatever) a marathon, then I can commit to eating differently for a little over a week. It seriously is not that bad. Plus it will help me get back on track with my eating habits. And it may help me to do the WW Core plan instead of flex points. We'll see. But I'm serious and I'm dedicated. I really want to succeed at this marathon thing and it's more than just exercise. I need to pay CLOSE attention to what I eat if I'm gonna be a runner. So I have to look at it as a necessary part of my training. If a kid can go thru chemo, I can give up meat and pasta and junk food for a week. Oh, and caffeine. *sigh* Right after I publish this entry, I'm going to get coffee. The no caffeine thing is going to be VERY hard. VERY. I hope I don't kill no kids.

Activity? Haven't been doing so well at that. I'm going to Pilates today for the first time in around as long, 8 weeks. But my body needs it. I think I have 4 classes left, so I need to get 10 more. I've been wearing my pedometer consistently for about a week. I've been doing OK with my step-count. Yesterday I only got up to around 6K. So today I'm shooting for 12K. There's no excuse, really, because I have a fitness center with a treadmill. I went to the library yesterday and got more books. I had gotten a grip of books about running (I'll discuss those when I update my MV blog), but I wanted to get back into some regular health and fitness books. So I picked up the Mayo Clinic books again (Healthy Weight for Everybody and Fitness for Everybody). They have a new one, well new to me, The Mayo Clinic plan : 10 essential steps to a better body & healthier life, so I got that, too. Then I got these two books that look like textbooks. One is called Physical Activity Epidemiology and the other one is about developing strength training programs. I also got more books on Pilates and working out on the ball (I even got an Idiot's Guide for the ball). I need to come up with a strength training routine that will work for me to tone my arms, abs, upper thighs, and back. Those are my target areas. So I'm gonna read that and come up with what I'm going to do. I'll have a variety of exercises I can do so I don't get bored, using either weights, resistance bands, or my own body weight. Then I also got a book on cross training (I think it's for Dummies).

So that's that. Look for an update in my MV blog later today as well.

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