Sunday, April 08, 2007

I'll run a marathon when PIGS fly!!!

I totally forgot!!! I've decided to train for a marathon! Now, I don't know if I'll *run* in the marathon, but I'll definitely walk. So I'm going to start training now for next year. That way, if I *do* decide to run, I'll be already training for it. We'll see. I'm kinda excited to have something to work toward.

I have a friend who is also going to do it, but I think she's planning on running. I'll definitely keep y'all posted on this. I'll probably start a blog about training for this once I start, cuz it'll need to be separate from this. Just to track how many miles I walk each day and at what pace, etc. Maybe I'll add jogging or sprinting (for only 90secs) to my walks. We'll see.

I just know that when I accomplish THIS, I will feel SO good about myself and it will solidify in my mind just how healthy I really am. Losing the weight is not enough for me, I really want to be FIT!!!

Why am I super excited about this, though?

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