Thursday, January 04, 2007

Update, goals, etc...

Well, I'm currently 181lbs (I have been up to 184 and back down since my last entry), so the scale is still moving down, praise YAH. But I'm motivated for this last stretch. I'm not sure what my final goal weight is anymore. But what I do know is this: I need to get to a "healthy" weight, and that means a BMI of 24.9 or lower. And THAT means 163.5lbs. So here's my plan: to lose 20lbs by 4/20. That will put me at 161, in about 15 weeks. I think I can do it. I've set benchmarks and a reward system as well. I will check in every 4 weeks or so, to see if I'm on target with my goal, with a small reward of some sort. Then at my midpoint (10lbs lost around 8 weeks in), I will enroll in a Pilates class. See, my rewards still have to be health related to keep me motivated and on track. Plus, Pilates classes are expensive, so I need to treat it as a real treat to appreciate it. When I reach 163.5lbs, I will have a Pre-Goal Celebration. I know it seems silly to celebrate a mere 2lbs before I get to my goal (short-term, not final), but reaching a healthy weight is SO important to me. I started this journey OBESE. I was TOO happy to become Overweight. But my whole point in all of this is the be healthy. When I reach 163.5, I will be free of all weight-related health risks. And THAT is cause for celebration!!! So I'm going to go on a Stay Healthy For Life shopping spree. Nothing too major, just buying stuff that I need to maintain my healthy lifestyle. *giggling* Who knew I'd ever even have a healthy lifestyle? Go girl!!! Anyway, on my SHFL spree (I call it my shuffle spree, lol) I'm going to buy a wok, a new knife set, measuring cups/spoons, cookbooks and other nutrition resources, a crock pot, and a wheatgrass juicer. Then when I get to 161lbs, I'm gonna have a half-day at the spa with a pedicure, full body massage, and maybe some hot stones, or something. But my goal is not just to lose 20lbs, either. My main focus is going to be toning and building some muscle. I REFUSE to be flabby and just a smaller version of my fat self. I REFUSE. So I'm seriously going to do something about it.

I'm actually excited about this last leg of my journey. I've decided to start going back to WW meetings. Here's the thing, since starting WW on 4/19, I've lost 37lbs. It's been 37 weeks, and I only attended meetings the first 12 of those. But I still lost an average of a pound a week. So I'm not going back because I'm not doing OK at it alone. I'm going back to make SURE I stay focused and to become a Lifetime member and hopefully a leader. I've decided to purchase a monthly pass because I'll get more for my money that way. For cheaper than the cost of simply attending meetings, I can attend as many meetings as I want AND get e-tools. So that's the plan.

And y'all know I'm still reading everything I can get my hands on. I have at home right now The Fat Smash Diet (which I'm actually going to give a chance, thanks Soror T!), The Good Carbohydrate Revolution, Mayo Clinic's Healthy Weight for Everybody, Mayo Clinic's Fitness for Everybody, Antioxidant Revolution, Getting Thin and Loving Food (by Chef Kathleen), Jillian Michael's book, a book called How Fat Works, Vitamins: Fundamental Aspects in Nutrition and Health, and a couple food count books by Corinne Netzer.

I went home a couple weeks ago and a friend of mine (who I've known since we were 16) saw me and said, "OMG, Monique, you are high school skinny!!" At first, I was like, whatever, girl. But after I got back home, I actually saw what she meant. It's a shame that we can't always see the progress the way someone who hasn't seen you in months can. It just made me feel really good to know that I've actually accomplished something and people can TELL. And this is a conscious effort. So it's nice to know that I'm being successful.

I guess that's it for now. Off to to enter my food for the past week. Until next time, stay encouraged!!!

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