Friday, January 05, 2007


OMG!!!!! OK! I went to the mall today for two reasons: to walk (needed the extra steps) and try on clothes and see what size I'm in. Remember my Size 14 GAP jeans? Well, I need a belt with them now. They aren't falling off and they still kinda fit, but they are a bit looser than they need to be. Especially in the back; I HATE THAT!!! Anyway, I figured it was time to try on clothes again. My first stop? Express. Guess who could fit a 12? In my very best Elle Woods voice: ME!!! I couldn't believe it. And I don't mean suck-in-the-gut fit, either, I mean FIT!!! Except they didn't have any longs, so everything I tried on was too short. No matter, cuz I wasn't buyin' nothin' anyway, but still. I love my height, but it's only an issue when I'm buying clothes. I couldn't imagine being any taller than 5'8". Where do y'all buy pants? Better yet, ankle length dresses/skirts? Shopping is the only time I'll readily admit I'm taller than the average female (I live in denial, ok?). So my next stop was the Limited. I could fit their 12's ever better than Express!!! My next stop? Bath & Body Works cuz I felt like I deserved a reward. And lemme just say, WHY are they discontinuing my FAVORITE scent?!?!?!?! Sandalwood Rose. *sigh* I'ma hafta stock up. Today I only got two lotions and a shower gel. I'ma go back next week and get more lotion. I can't believe they are discontinuing it. I can't. That is so bootleg. They don't NEVER discontinue stuff I don't like. EVER. All that flowery mess is still up in there. But my faves (strawberry lemonade, pearberry, and now sandalwood rose) always get cut. Hardly cool. Hardly. Anyway, so y'all know what came next, right?

You guessed it: THRIFTING!!! I had to go to get new clothes!!! I've been wearing the same stuff over and over just mixing it up differently and I'm bored and tired. AND I haven't been dressing like myself. Jeans all the time, and I don't even like jeans all like that, but I have to wear what fits, right? Anyway, lemme TELL y'all!!!! I got a 100% wool sweater (MEDIUM!!) for 45 cents! Ironically, it's an Express sweater. I also got two pairs of pants (one Express, one Limited, both SIZE 12!!!) for $4 each, AND they're LONG! I got an Express skirt (yep, another 12) for $4. Now ain't it a trip that I went to both of these stores and couldn't find anything to fit quite right, yet I find their stuff in the thrift store and it fits PERFECTLY!!!!! OK, what else? Another 100% wool sweater for $2.25 and yet another for $1.50. A PINK 100% wool blazer, $1.50!!!!!! Basically, I spent $45 and I got two pairs of pants, a skirt, two blazers, five sweaters (4 of them grey/charcoal grey, lol), two oxford shirts, a blouse, and two turtlenecks (one was 90 cents!). OH!!! How could I forget: a pair of black loafers (that look BARELY worn) for $1.50 and a cute little black purse for a QUARTER!!!!! (I also got a 100% wool skirt (charcoal grey, lol) for $1.50, size 12, but it doesn't really fit. Goal skirt.) Man, you couldn't get two pair of pants, hell one, really, for $45, and look at all the stuff I got! I LOVE THE THRIFT STORE!!!! I might love it as much as I love the library. Maybe. I'ma find out what day they get their shipments in because I know I can find some good bargains (Coach purses, appliances, etc) on those days.

*sigh* Last but most certainly NOT least, the scale. I got on it today and it said 178.5!!!!! I'm trying not to get TOO pumped about it, cuz it's liable to go back up, but I'ma go 'head and enjoy it, lol.

In the words of Ice Cube, today was a good day!!!

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