Thursday, July 12, 2007

De plane, Boss, de plane, de plane!!!

Oh my goodness, how could I forget the plane ride home?! MILESTONE!!! I get on the plane and I end up in a middle seat. Let me list all the differences between now and how it used to be.

1) I didn't touch the other passengers at all!! Normally my thighs or my hips are touching the people next to me. NOT THIS TIME!!!!! I fit in MY seat!!!

2) THE SEATBELT WAS NOT AN ISSUE. OMG! Usually this is the most embarrassing for me on the plane. I always have such an issue getting the seatbelt on and tightened. To the point where people ask me if I need help. Not this time!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! No issue at all! AND I had a grip of extra belt to pull when I tightened it. I was so excited I sent my friend a text about it!

3) I didn't have to walk sideways down the aisle!!! I could face forward like everyone else.

All in all, I just felt totally comfortable in a way that I never have before when I've flown. It really is the little things.

I'm NEVER going back!!! NEVER!!!!

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